How It Works

MyEyeStore is your one-stop shop for building and managing an online retail presence:

WE BUILD YOUR STORE MyEyeStore builds you a unique web store that your customers access through your current website* 

WE BRAND YOUR STORE Your web store seamlessly matches the look and feel of your current website and is branded solely with your practice name and logo

WE HANDLE ORDERS We receive each order, place it with the appropriate vendor(s) and ship it to your patients on your behalf using your practice name and address.

WE HANDLE TRACKING & NOTIFICATIONS MyEyeStore has a robust email communication system to keep you and your patients up to date on their orders

WE VERIFY CONTACT LENS PRESCRIPTIONS MyEyeStore electronically verifies each contact lens prescription directly with your practice

YOU CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCTS We have seven categories of products.  You may offer our entire portfolio, or you may pick and choose the products and categories you would like to offer

YOU CHOOSE YOUR PRICING You decide your retail prices and we show you how easy it is to change them in real time.

YOU KEEP ALL THE PROFITS MyEyeStore does not share in the revenue

*While we can build websites, we eliminate the need to create a new one.

Click here for a list of the unique features offered by MyEyeStore