Q What does MyEyeStore cost?
A MyEyeStore charges a low, flat monthly rate for hosting your website store. The monthly fee is based on the size of your practice. There is a one-time set up fee for building your web store. You retain all net margin on products fulfilled through your web store. Each practice maintains control over their shipping charges.

Q How do I get started?
A Simply speak with a MyEyeStore representative to get signed up and make some simple web store decisions. Pick your go live date and we do the rest. Call us at 952.463.1200 or email us at inquiry@myeyestore.com to get started.

Q How long does it take?
A Your web store can be built and running within 2 to 4 weeks.

Q Do I need to buy any hardware or software?
A No additional technology purchases are required for MyEyeStore. We host and manage everything through our “Cloud.”

Q Do I need to change my website?
A The only addition you will need to make to you current website is to provide a clickable link to your web store somewhere on your home page.

Q What if I don’t have a website?
A If you are interested, MyEyeStore builds websites and also offers a hybrid option, which means we can build you a combined website and web store.

Q What kind of support do you provide?
A MyEyeStore provides complete and ongoing support for you and your patients. We have a client service team available for your needs, and a call center to take care of your patients’ needs.

Q Do you provide ongoing communication with my patients?
A MyEyeStore provides you with a unique “800” number that is displayed at the top of your store home page. This number connects your patients to our call center for assistance with anything they may need. We also communicate with patients via email. Your patients will be notified when their order has been received and shipped, as well as provided with a tracking number to track their product.

Q Will you help me market my web store?
A MyEyeStore provides you with a wide variety of marketing materials and advertising campaign ideas. We supply you with in-store point-of-purchase and hand out marketing materials, as well as outbound mailer materials. We create and send email campaigns and assist you with any ongoing marketing efforts.

Q How does the contact lens verification process work?
A When a contact lens order is placed, an email is sent to the practice with the order and patient information for verification. If it is approved by the practice, the order will be processed and contact lenses will be shipped to the patient’s home. If the order is denied, the patient will be notified with an email explaining why their order cannot be processed.

Q How does my practice stay informed on the activity of my store?
A Your web store has a Practice Administration site from which you can monitor all orders, patients, products, etc.

Q Who manages the product selections and pricing on my store?
A You completely control your product portfolio and product pricing.  Simply tell us what you want and we do all the work.

Q If I am a manufacturer or vendor how can I participate in the program?
A MyEyeStore web stores contain advertising space for promotional opportunities.


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